Lullaby for a Lost Soul has been released!!

Well it’s finally finished…. At least the first installment is. “Lullaby for a Lost Soul” has now been self-published. As I mentioned it’s the first installment to a series of short stories I will be doing called: “Shadows beneath the Street Lamp.” Every story will be dark and will take place somewhere in Norfolk. I’ve been working on the second installment but I’ve just been so damn busy with school work, writing things I really don’t want to write, I barley have time to work on it. That’s part of the reason it took me so long to get this one out.

Please click the link and download it, it’s absolutely free and you can always read it in your spare time. Or instead of checking your face book news feeds while you’re taking a shit, you can read a story. That way, even if you don’t like it, you were stuck on the shitter anyways and never wasted bit of time.



My brain seems to be misfiring, false engine lights blink up and down my spine.

Pores that sweat panic attacks…

I swerve through blurred vision, taking deep breathes

A desperate attempt to see clear…

My mind focuses on flesh and bone, its fragile structure is sculpted to one day dissolve.

My eyes scrape the murky soil that dines upon the left overs of life….

The first breathe of birth

The last gasp of death

The cycle repeats and echoes through my head laboriously

The body..

The vessel of the soul…

If I think about my involuntary movements, will they suddenly become voluntary?

A beating heart deep within the cavity of my chest..

Will it stop if I lose my will?

All my fears collide like a train wreck

No survivors…. its compartments reek of horror and death

My dreams are tortured with visions of babies in meth labs…

The filth of this world seems to stick to me like the smell of soot from destructive fires that burn within the security of our homes and tarnish the warmth of our beds..

All this wanders through my head as I drive in my car….

I continue to blame it on my eye sight as I take another deep breathe to regain clarity once more.